SmartQR: QR-Code destination mapping

First SmartForge’s NodeJs Application

SmartQR is a mapping-redirection service for QR-Code written entirely in Javascript.

The Problem

QR-Code are amazing and useful, but there’s only one problem: when you have printed and delivered on your catalogues or totems, that’s forever.

But what happen if you need change the target page of a printer QR-Code?

The Solution

Solution is trivial: use a redirection service.

  1. You create and print QR-Code linking to a static URL (i.e. “http://yourredirectserver/catalogue/code1″) .
  2. Static QR-Code URL is mapped on a dynamic target URL (i.e. “http://yoursite/yourpage/yourvideolandingpage.html”)
  3. Wen you need change target page, you can. The QR-Code static URL will redirect to new destination


LINK: SmartQR Home Page

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