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Smart Lib: enable script caching

Smart Lib

  Smart Lib (sf-lib.js) is a stand-alone script-loader that handles caching scripts in localStorage where supported. Scripts are not loaded in parallel, but sequentially and then cached. Cache can be refreshed and cleared when you deploy new or updated scripts.

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SmartQR: QR-Code destination mapping


First SmartForge’s NodeJs Application SmartQR is a mapping-redirection service for QR-Code written entirely in Javascript. The Problem QR-Code are amazing and useful, but there’s only one problem: when you have printed and delivered on your catalogues or totems, that’s forever.

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Smart Forge: next generation Application Server

Smart Forge Application Server

Smart Forge is the next generation Application Server. Goto Smart Forge Main Site for further details.

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Smart Sites: The site generator library

Smart Sites

Smart Sites is a Site Generator written in JAVA and based upon BEEing Platform. The SmartSites job is to produce HTML pages. The page producer is the “SmartSites Template Engine” and is based upon  Apache Velocity. Smart Sites Template Engine

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BEEIng, the OpenSource E.20 platform


BEEing è una piattaforma java per lo sviluppo di soluzioni Enterprise 2.0, intranet ed extranet. Lo sviluppo delle funzionalità base è molto dinamico e ad ogni release è possibile trovare nuove applicazioni (wiki, blog, microblogging, project management, crm, ecc..). In

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SmartFeeling 2.0 blog

SmartFeeling Blog

Nel blog “SmartFeeling 2.0” si parla di Social Media e di Internet, ma anche di Innovazione e cultura del digitale. Come utilizzare Twitter? Cosa evitare sul proprio sito di e-commerce? Sono alcune delle domande a cui SmartFeeling 2.0 tenta di

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